Boiled wool

Bolied wool is a versatile and ductile material suitable for various working processes with both regards to clothing production and to home furnishing industry products. Discover the high quality of the boiled woolproduced in the Montemurlo factory.

Boiled wool for clothing

Merinoline manufactures boiled wool fabrics for clothing, which are designed for the production of men's/women's/children's clothing and offered in trendy colors or according to the customer's request, with different weights and compositions. The company, based in Montemurlo, proposes in fact a wide range of fabrics for clothing production.


How is boiled wool created?

knitted spun wool > fulling> boiled wool

Fullingis part of the process of wool fabrics finishing, which consists in compacting the fabric by making it become matted, in order to make it compact and in some cases waterproof.

Boiled wool jacket example
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