Merino wool for home furnishings


Merinoline has been manufacturing fabrics in merino wool for furnishings for more than 20 years, professionally and attentively handling merino fabrics designed for the manufacture of:

  • blankets;
  • mattress covers;
  • mattresses
  • carpets;
  • accessories.

Fabric heights offered vary from 160 to 270 cm and weights from 350 to 1300 cr / sqm. As well as height and weight, the hair lengths may also vary from 5 to 28 mm according to customer needs.

The pure virgin wool fabrics can be produced using "Superwash" non-shrink treatment and customised to the client's request:

  • natural;
  • dyed;
  • coupled;
  • jacquard;
  • lambswool;
  • smooth/velour.

Woolmark Certificate


The Pure virgin woolcertificate (Woolmark) represents a high-quality international production brand, promoted by the "I.W.S." in 1964 ("I.W.S." is a non-profit organisation gathering the best wool producers from more than 30 countries worldwide.

This association promotes wool using product quality control and by using a universal certification system with specific features and well-defined quality standards:

  • Pure Wool: only wool present in the fabric, with a maximum tolerance of 7.3%
  • Virgin wool: wool used is shorn wool, and not regenerated or recycled.

Oeko-tex certificate


The OEKO-TEX® is an independent control and certification system valid for the whole textile industry from raw materials, semifinished and up to finished products during all production stages. It is implemented according to the analysis of and compliance with the following harmful substances tests:

  • substances prohibited by law
  • substances where use is regulated by law
  • chemicals known to be harmful to health (but not yet regulated by law)
  • as well as health protection parameters.
Pure virgin wool
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